Five years. Five years Clan Sverker has been dominanting the PvP / RvR field. I'd like every Lawspeaker and newcomer alike to think about that for a few seconds. Times change, friends come and go, other guilds rise and fall, but Clan Sverker remains.

Founded five years ago as an answer to bring back PvP balance and push back against the Horde on our home server of Bonechewer on World of Warcraft, we've grown from an exclusive ganking guild to one of the longest successful standing communities that strives to restore the old school mentality of MMO gaming. Within that time we have achieved never before thought of success; the honor of being 1st in ranked RBGs across not only Bonechewer but three other servers, restoring large scale world PvP, countless rage PM's from our victims, our various infamous wPvP events, having designed a tartan that is registered with the Scottish Government, our ability to send support to CSE and our position of being the foremost Viking guild for Camelot Unchained. None of these things could have been achieved without our memberbase, so thank each and every one of you!

I want to give a shoutout to those who went the extra mile to help forge Clan Sverker into what we are today, but have long since moved on from Gaming. Where ever you guys are, thank you for the roles you played; Verduras, Partyanimal, Cobra, Mythic, Fadain, Noggz, and Powerhouse. You're all missed!

Last year we created and registered the Sverker tartan. It's honestly a little difficult to top that, so this year we'll simply be sending out letters just as we do for the Holiday Season to those interested. Jorvald has sent out a mass letter regarding the matter to all of those interested. Please reply within a week from 7/18 in order to recieve it!

To add a little bit extra to this special occassion, the Mormaer of Clan Sverker (Jorvald) and his right hand (Arrobee) have both decided to publically comment on this milestone.

"Looking back to when we first started this guild, I dont think anyone really understood or foresaw what we would become. Back in those begining days we were just a rag tag bunch of gankers and PvP veterans who just got tired of the status quo of the server and got kicks out of the rage and QQ we recieved. If someone told us that one day we'd reach even half of our accomplishments they wouldn't have been taken seriously. I think that's perhaps one of our strengths as a community; we don't seek or expect these achievements, we just go out, try to have a good time and the rest follows suit.

It's been an absolute honor being able to be at the reins of Clan Sverker since the start and see this guild grow into what we are to this day. It's been just as big as of honor being able to work with our Lawspeakers and Hirthmathurs, working as a team to better our guild for everyone."

- Jorvald, Mormaer of Clan Sverker.

"What a wild, crazy and fun ride this has been. Today, Clan Sverker turns five, and while I've only been a part of this clan for a little under two years, I've never felt more at home in a gaming community. Even though there have been some drastic roster changes over our guild's lifetime, I'm proud to say we have found ourselves the best group of people you could wish to share your free time with. The personality, friendship and kindness of our members is what keeps me motivated to be the best officer and friend I can be for you all. Keep on keepin' on, Clan Sverker, and may we see another 5, 10, 15 years together! Much love and respect. <3"

- Arrobee, Lawspeaker of Clan Sverker.

Skal! Here's to another five years!

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