Community News #109

Jorvald Mormaer posted Oct 1, 17

Jorvald's early morning Cyrodiil group stopping DC farmers.

Happy Monday, guys! Ugh lets be honest.. Mondays suck but hopefully this week's news will help start your day off on the right foot!

As most of us know by now last month the Þingverker met to discuss a variety of subjects ranging from activity, promotions, recruitment and several "revamp projects" including our website, YouTube channel and store. I'm happy to say that the website and YouTube projects have been making very nice progress. It is my aim and my hope to have the remaining few things to do completed by 10/10/2017 (next Tuesday) or 10/15 at the extreme latest - exactly 1 month from when the Þingverker met last. The revamp to the store will commence upon the completion of the website and YouTube projects. To view our progress on the website and YouTube channel, click the respective links. Big thanks to Arro for his continued webmaster help and to Smroo for helping jump start (again) our YouTube channel. I know we al look foward to the videos you'll provide!

With Autumn now officially here with the arrival of October, ESO has released new "spooky" themed crates filled with a variety of items and mounts (skeletal bears for starters) for those who like that sort of thing. Otherwise I think it's a safe bet that they'll be bringing back their first in-game holiday event; The Witches Festival. I'm not sure if they're tweak it a bit or just make it a carbon copy of last years, but I think it's safe to expect that wonderful increased XP bonus that their events provide. So get ready to get your grinding on.. Hah.

Kitty got some moves! For an Elf...

As far as recruitment and activity has been going, things have slowly begun to pick up.I've been able to find more free time in the morning for me, late night for most of you, and have been running some small CS groups in Cyrodiil normally in Vivec rather than Sotha Sil. For those interested, the early morning / late night group has been running around 3-5am EST.

Now i've recently been asked by three newer members both from CU and ESO about CS's activity levels as of late. As we know, the Þingverker has turned down normal recruitment efforts most guilds have adopted in favor of a more "natural growth" route. On an average night within the EST timezone we average 8-11 members online with the majority of them doing something together. With a game like ESO where players have up to five different guilds, i'd say that's pretty good considering guild loyalty is a rare thing in this game. The more scheduled groups we all show up for, the more scheduled groups you'll see. It's very discouraging for the Hirthmathurs and Lawspeakers to schedule an event to have no one show up for it. We can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink. There's also the option of making your own groups. All registered members of CS have the ability to make and delete events on the calendar All events are put on the website's calendar and the majority of events are mentioned on the in-game MoTD. If you're one of those individuals who may not be playing ESO then that's okay. You can hop into Discord with us and play your perferred game. Who knows you may even get some other member(s) interested in it!

On the Camelot Unchained front, things are status quo. The fine folks at City State Entertainment are making amazing progress and headway, but we still have no news about the impending Beta 1 release.