It's hard to believe that 2018 is already here! I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season and an equally great New Years Eve!

Up Helly Aa - Lerwick

For those of you unaware, the picture above is from Up Helly Aa, a fire fesitival ment to mark the end of the Yuletide season that takes place in Scotland. Well, Shetland, so the small chain of islands north of Scotland. As you can see, those who partake in the festival take this chance to honor Shetland's Scandinavian past. Perhaps I see a Clan Sverker gathering in Shetland in our future..

So 2018 is here. This year will bring Clan Sverker new friends, new members, our SIXTH birthday and so much more. Namely Camelot Unchained's Beta... we all hope so. Personally, despite being a "glass is not half full but rather broken" kind of guy, I am confindent that 2018 will be the year Clan Sverker can begin our long awaited migration to a more permant home - Camelot Unchained. Last year MJ promised us that we will all know more about the status of Beta this month, so lets keep our fingers crossed!

CSE's 2017 gifts

As is tradition here at Clan Sverker, as many of you know CSE recieved our annual holiday gift to those fine folks at CSE. This year we sent the studio several boxes of chocolate and Clan Sverker / Viking themed beer steins! To make it even better, we sent them not just to their HQ in Fairfax, VA, but also their client studio across the United States to Seattle, WA. I'd say it was quite a huge success. CSE members gasped at the steins, sighed at already losing their New Year's resolutions to our chocolates and best of all MJ got hit in the feels with our letter. The latter is the best part in my opinion. It's important for us here at CS and the overall CU community to continue to do our best to support CSE.Yes, things have taken longer and yes it will be worth our wait. 

Another great tradition here at Clan Sverker is the "State of the Clan" post by yours truly. For those of you who are newer and missed last year's think of it as a "State of Union" address where I address the past year, what the CS leadership wants to achieve in this new year and so on. Unlike last year, I don't plan to release it as late as I did. It's my hope to get it out within the next week or so. 

As always, our members are enjoying their time in ESO while we wait for Camelot Unchained. Both PvE oriented groups can be found doing pledges, trials, farming and PvP groups are scheduled weekly to continue the fight for the Ebonheart Pact. I hope all of our members made use of the New Life Fesitival's xp bonus!