Community News #101

Jorvald Mormaer posted Mar 13, 17

Hard to believe we're at our 101th newsfeed isn't it? How time flies! 

As we continue our long journey waiting for CU i'm sure many of you have noticed that things have slowed down a bit around here. Real life has beckoned several members of both the Assembly and the Council away. Arro has recently recieved a promotion at work (congrats again bud!), Arnfield and Jorvald have been kept busy with work and other RL matters, Lucian and Padd both have family matters to attend to and Myd.. Myd is well.. busy sassing her students at day and then us at night, but guys don't worry because we're still on course!

Incase you've missed the memo the new Minecraft server is online and fully functional! We've established a nice little co-op guild village made by Arro, Arn, Fadain, Milkbutter and Khaine. The first sneak peak at our future village / town in CU, perhaps? I'll be joining in on the fun shortly once Arnfield can help with some slight.. tech problems on my end. If you're interested in the Minecraft server, head over to this thread and get installing! Even if you're not typically a fan of Minecraft i'd still personally recomend giving it a shot. Playing on a multi-player server with your guildies changes the game and makes a world of difference! Beware of the mods! Looking at you, Arro...

Our members on Elder Scrolls Online have recently started running trials and from what I understand have experienced some success and have had quite a bit of fun learning the fights and mechanics. Nicely done guys! Keep making us proud, you crazy dragon slayers, you!

Members can expect to recieve a census e-mail today regarding games, what they would like to see and what we can do as a community to ease our continued wait for CU in a way where we're still actively playing and connecting with one another.