Community News #116

Jorvald tag posted Apr 3, 18

Great view up there, guys!

Happy April, folks! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Easter. I spent mine drinking, making snowmen and raiding the English coast. So probably what everyone expected from me. Personally, I’m glad its over though because everything has been closed since Wednesday. Oddly enough, despite Iceland being one of the least religious countries in the world.. Easter is a big deal and partying is illegal on Easter Day and Easter Friday.

Anyways, things have been quite status quo as of late it seems. The Bjornklo Council was supposed to meet about 2 weeks ago, but things got in my way and it unfortunately did not happen due my schedule. However, this’ll be changing shortly, we’re going to try to get something scheduled within the next couple of days to plan the next wave of those promised revamps and changes. Currently, the main topics of discussion are potential logo changes (slight if it does happen) and working on the roughdraft for the future Call to Arms charter. As always, once we meet we’ll be providing a full transcript of what’s going to be done for your viewing pleasure!

During these past few days the rest of leadership and I have approved several new applications from players coming from Camelot Unchained and Elder Scrolls Online. So I wanted to take this chance to publicly welcome IndianaGeoff, neodream, Moose, Janabrinks, Seraph, BarnabyJones, Sandcrab, and Knive0187. Welcome guys, make yourselves at home!

So as most of us know, a few days back ESO made an announcement of an upcoming announcement. Despite my disappoint, it was not infact a search bar for guild traders *sigh* maybe one day… Rather, they’ve announced their second expansion to their game; Summerset Isles, the home of the High Elves. I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t had much of a chance to really look into it, but it seems interesting enough – even for an expansion based on.. Elves. If you pre-order now you’re “rewarded” with a special mount that will surely go away shortly. In addition, they’ve added new crates to the store. Now, I’m normally against these things but they’ve added a very nicely done polar bear mount and other Sverkerish items.. Yes, that’s now a word. So best of luck to all those who plan to take the gamble! I know I will be.

For those of who you have been able to pop into the CU test builds, you all know how much progress they’re making. We’re almost there guys! 90 more days and we’ll be one step closer to the home we’ve been waiting for over 4 years.