Community News #115

Jorvald tag posted Feb 27, 18

Well met, Community! At the time of my writing this newsletter, the Bjornklo Council met for the first time probably seven months just last week. Until recently we had no real reason to meet, but now with Beta 1 coming up, that has finally changed.

Our Lawspeakers and I discussed a huge range of topics, ranging from forum badges, renaming of our leadership bodies/ranks to removing the Member Spotlight. One of the most exciting point of discussion was allowing Longbeards access to the Þingsverker, a notion that was unanimously passed by the Council. So it´s with great pleasure that effective immediately all Longbeards will be able to participate in our assembly. However due to Longbeards not being officers, there is a restriction on all voting matters, as this is a priveledge given to only our officers. I´m sure there will be questions about this, so expect to see a thread shortly. Anyways, in short- all topics we discussed focused on guild improvement and preperation for CU. Those interested can view the full transcript of our meeting and also inspect some truly modern art by clicking here

As I'm sure most of you remember about two weeks ago our leadership promised all of you; initiates, Members and Longbeards alike that many great changes were upon the horizon with the announcement of Camelot Unchained's Beta 1 and it's with immense pride that I say that I think we are doing quite a good job at delivering this to you all. While we of course have much work left to do, the work we have completed is extremely impressive and there's so much more truly great things left to be finalized and even started.

Our ultimate goal is bringing website functionality up to more modern standards and to increase the effectiveness of our internal structure. So I hope you all are just as excited as the leadership is to see the results over these next few months! Special thanks to both Arro and Arn for helping spearhead all of these efforts! Love you both, no homo. Maybe a little. Na.

The Polar Bear and Sverker tartans side-by-side

Today, the 27th, is a special day. Why? Well because it's international polar bear day of course. So kids, go outside and give your thanks to a polar bear by giving it a great ol' hug. Your affection will be appreciated and returned in full by these fantastic creatures. Remember that supporting CS is to support the polar bears and vice versa!

As far as ESO goes, things have reportedly been going quite well! As always, please remember to pay attention to our website calendar for a full-list of events coming up and their respective times. All events will include important information for time, timezones and so on. We've recieved new screenshots by some of our members. While these aren't featured during this newsletter, expect to see some of them come the next one! Anyways, that's it for this edition of the newsletter. See you all on Discord!

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