Community News #120

Jorvald tag posted Jul 8, 18

Camelot Unchained, we´re almost home.

Well met community! I hope this day brings you... whatever the hell you want it to.

I admit that at this day and time I was expecting to be able to finally say that Camelot Unchained´s Beta 1 was launched and we´ve all had a fantastic time enjoying our future home, playing and testing with one another. However, that´s not the case and that´s okay. CSE had good reason to delay the Beta 1 launch briefly. There was nothing they could do with the 3 weeks or so of having to divert attention and with 3 weeks lost, it should really come as no surprise to anyone that the Beta 1 launch was delayed. As mentioned previously, it is disapointing but it is our job to show support for CSE regardless. In typical MJ style, he has still opened the game to many backers in his duly named ''Not Beta'' testing and many members of Clan Sverker have been enjoying themselves in it, whether enjoying OP archers or throwing boulders at one another - for healing purposes of course. Anyways, as we have been since 2014 we stay the course. Our wait is truly almost done. 

Speaking of Camelot Unchained, we have recieved a large influx of new members making their way to us before we shut down open recruitment in favor for our old policy. Welcome guys, it´s great to have you with us! As always, if you have any questions for us never hesisitate to ask!

There has been much occuring behind the closed doors of both the Þingsverker and even more so the Bjornklo Council. Why is that? Well, that´s an easy question to answer. Besides from the Council working tirelessly on our pre-beta 1 check list, i´m actually thankful we have more time to complete this list to be honest, Clan Sverker´s sixth birthday is around the corner: next week! July 18th to be percise. We are all hard at work getting things ready for our big day. While we don´t have one big thing to commemorate it, we decided to change it up a bit and provide our members and the community with numerous announcements, improvements, fundraising, and other fun things to commemorate our big day. The old Clan Sverker tradition of a Mead Moot has already been announced, so be sure to RSVP to it on the events tab! The full list of the b-day bash was just sent over to the Þingsverker for their viewing pleasure and we will post it again for the rest of our membership come this weekend on Friday July 13th. 

On the store-front, I have taken some time and removed many items that never sold or didn´t sell as well as we had hope in order to make way for some new items we will be releasing shortly. During this time, I noticed that many items were confusingly labeled and thus reorganized the store to provide ease of shopping for all members interested in official CS merch. It was then that I noticed that despite having several notable female members of our community and having our T-shirts and hoodies sell quite nicely, there was a distinct lack of female clothing for women (or guys if that´s what you like). This has been fixed now. The store now offers a ''flowey T-shirt'' and Sverker tartan leggings! The leggings look so well made, I may even have to get myself a pair. What a great mental image for you all, right?

Remember, a portion of the money spent on our product goes directly to our community coffers, allowing us to afford our website and also allows us to constantly push the boundaries of a gaming community into real life. Thanks for the support!

Jorvald tag Noggz! How are you? :d
Noggz tag Oooooo good you mentioned Store items, didn't know how I missed that super sweet CU Backer mug. Order placed!