Community News #119

Jorvald tag posted Jun 9, 18

It´s that time again; time for another newsletter that I have once again managed to be late on! This week´s newsletter is full of interesting things; Camelot Unchained, Elder Scrolls Online and current happenings within the Þingsverker and to a lesser degree the Bjornklo Council. Please, contain your excitement and give it a read!

The Þingsverker´s meeting for May.

Before we get started, I wanted to briefly recap on the last Þingsverker. The Þingsverker met about 2-3 weeks ago and while there are several notable conversations that took place regarding improvements and preparation for Camelot Unchained´s Beta 1 launch, the most notable of which was the release of the official document for Clan Sverker´s call-to-arms policy. To see the CTA, click here. We´ll be working to put it up on the website for ease of access and for use in the application process.

First on the agenda, Camelot Unchained. As we should all be aware of, the must longed for launch of Beta 1 is just a mere few weeks ago and is still on track for a July 4th launch! We´ve waited so long for this game, I know many of us are going to be beyond excited but it is extremely important to remember that Beta 1 will be a glorified IT test that many of us have been involved with. So while it is a huge milestone that brings Clan Sverker one step closer to the home we´ve been waiting for since 2014, do not expect too much at this current point. In other CU related news, they´ve finally relaunched the forums. Our new recruitment thread has been posted, so be sure to stop by, give it a like and show some love for CS! Our previous one on the forums was created in early September 2014, which officially made us the oldest guild that publically backed CU. Sadly, IT testers got access to the new forums before the rest of the Backer crowd and our friends at AoN snagged the spot of being first. Better them than anyone else! We all know the truth though. ;)

Local drunkard, Enrico, showing off his wood. Wood stein.

Besides from the launch of Summerset, the newest expansion pack in the ESO saga, nothing note-worthy stands out. Our members are just biding their time until CU. Be sure to keep up-to-date on the guild calendar for the most recent and upcoming events. OH! the new login reward page is extremely annoying, thanks Zenimax for that. It´s really... really.. appreciated. 

As mentioned previously, both bodies of leadership are hard at work. Perhaps the most notable of things we´re currently working on is how to best 'celebrate' Clan Sverker´s upcoming sixth birthday! If you, the membership, have any suggestions, please feel free to send them our way. It´d be greatly appreciated! It will be almost impossible to top the 4th anniversary gift to ourselves (the Sverker tartan), but we can certainly try. Let´s think big here, folks! Arrobee and myself will be sitting down in the next few days to work on some website improvements in time for the launch of Camelot Unchained´s beta 1.